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Dear Peter,

We have painted our bedroom, hung the picture and have a new bedspread, all inspired by the work your company did.  Many thanks for enlarged picture.

Norm and Joan



Dear Art Network Canada:

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived in pristine condition and I am THRILLED with the results.  It was a 48 x 24 photo my daughter had taken of my son and some friends sailing and it is better than I ever hoped it would be.  I am really excited about this and will definitely recommend Art Network Canada to friends plus I will consider doing it again when the right photo and occasion arrive.


Thank you!



Hey Petar:

Got it this morning! It looks awesome. We will be ordering another one or two in the coming weeks for sure!!!!




To who it may concern:

I run a company which works with hotels and other institutions to provide them with decor and design solutions.  I was introduced to Art Network Canada in 2011, and we've never looked back.  We gave them a chance to work with us on the promise of "the best products at wholesale rates and responsible service" and they've delivered in spades.  I gladly and confidently sing Petar's praises to clients everywhere - my best wishes with the new site!!

A. Patinka


Dear ArtNet:

Just got the art - looks better here than it does even on your site.  Rediculous value - we'll be back.




Just a question...

We just got our much anticipated order from Art Network, and it looks stunning.  Both my wife and I are *genuinely* impressed with the results...I have to admit that we're avid art lovers and did NOT have particularly high hopes for your product, but the detail is actually at a very high level.  Our question was, do you ever work with local artists, or deal with commissioned works?  Let us know - either way, we'll be back for more!

Bob and Judy


A Special Moment

Hello Art Network/Petar.  I wanted to quickly share with you a very special moment that arose as a result of your fine work.  I have one surviving grand-parent, and my husband and I recently had our first child, making her a 1st-time Great-Grandparent.  Unfortunately we had to move my grandmother into a home about a month after the birth of my son, and the move was a difficult one.  I don't know if you remember, but the photo you helped us to get enlarged and printed was of my new son with my grandmother holding him just after getting home from the hospital.  All the walls in my grandmother's new room at the seniors home were bare until two days ago, when we came and presented the beautiful canvas of her and her great-grandson.  It was a very emotional moment for everyone there - thanks for helping us make a difficult transition just a little easier, and for making my young son even larger than life than he already is!



Thank you!

Beautiful. I love your customer service.  I love the painting.  = happy customer ;)




Where did you guys come from?!?  I've been looking for this type of thing since I saw those big canvases at Ikea for like $300 (sans cheesy designs).  If I wanted to resell this stuff to some other people in the dorm, is there any licensing or whatever issue with that??



testimonials-top.jpgNice Selection

I have seen quite a few sites out there that has canvas prints etc etc, but if I'm not mistaken, you guys are the only ones doing real oil's / canvases / posters?  Great idea, great look.  I'm pretty sure you guys just became my default B-day gift backup for the next 50 years.


(see you at Christmas)



These are great!  They just arrived today in their 'hermetic seal', in absolutely perfect condition.  Sorry for being so paranoid about shipping, I've just had some bad experiences.  I appreciate your patience with me on the phone!

Cindy Caruthers


testimonials-top.jpgA suggestion...

We just got our paintings and we totally love it - BUT, the colours are quite a bit more vibrant than on the website...fortunately in this room, that's a great thing, since we're mixing against neutrals :)  Is there anyway to have your product photos capture the full colour richness of the painting?  I have a Canon Rebel (semi-pro camera) and even it doesn't quite get the full color depth.  Anyways, loving the art.  Cheers!

Roland Bentin




I just got my canvas prints last Friday, and I just LOVE them! thank you sooo much! 




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