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Custom Canvas FAQ





Great customers always ask the best questions.  We’ve assembled some of the more common subjects, using the ACTUAL questions submitted to us, and our actual responses to those questions.  If you’re having trouble with the ordering process in any way, please read below first.


1. What type of file do I need?

We can accept the following formats:  .jpg, .gif, .tif, .dng, .bmp.  Generally, if it was taken with a modern digital device, we can accept it!

2. What size does the file need to be? (Resolution)

We need generally need files that are at least 1.5mb or larger, which usually around 1500 x 2000 pixels.  Anything larger than this will work extremely well.  Any smaller, and we’ll alert you of the problem in writing.

3.  Does the photo need to be digital?  (I have a print that I’d like transferred)

Yes, however the photo will have to be scanned and digitized.  If you have access to a high-quality scanner, please have it scanned at maximum resolution.  If you do not, you can send us the photo by mail, and we will scan and send it back to you. 

4.  How long does it take?

It typically takes 2-4 weeks to produce and ship you the product.  We are often able to send it to you much sooner, however, as volumes fluctuate throughout the year, we do ask you to observe these guidelines.


5.  How do I know how what the finished product will look like if I’m splitting up an image into multi-panels? 

We will ALWAYS send you a proof for your review and approval before sending a project to production.  That way you can clearly see where the breaks will occur.


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